Welcome to Saint Stephen Harding Theological College and Seminary and Saint Seraphim School of Orthodox Theology off campus study programs. We believe that you will find our degrees and study programs of the highest academic quality.

The Licentiate of Sacred Theology, (STL), is the most flexible and economic program for Holy Orders preparation. You may select courses directly from the catalog or create your own.

We are happy to work with you to develop a seminary program, correct the candidate’s papers and report to you on his progress.

Upon completion, the candidate will receive either a certificate or degree, depending on his program.

Clergy will find the Continuing Education (CE), or Certificate of Studies, (CS) programs are helpful for on going professional development. The Th.B., Th.M., Th.D. are outstanding.

Your Seminary may become a Certified, Degree Granting Academic Institution through our College/Seminary. This will enable you to be fully in charge of your program while your students have the advantage and prestige of receiving their degrees from Saint Stephen Harding Theological College and Seminary or Saint Seraphim School of Orthodox Theology.

We are pleased to help you and your jurisdiction.

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