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“The course offerings from St. Stephen Harding target some of the most interesting and practical areas in theology today. Not only are there a great number of choices available, but the student is encouraged to think ‘out of the box’ in true Socratic fashion; ‘independent’ study is truly that, with support coming from the school to pursue one’s goal, not just to get a degree. When one factors in the reasonable cost, personalized dedication of teaching staff, the academic rigor expected, the result is one where the spirit is nurtured as much as the mind. That is the meaning of ‘holistic’ in it’s true Christian sense.”

Degrees Available

Continuing Education, CE
Certificate of Studies and Advanced Studies, CS/CAS.
Bachelor of Theology, Th.B.
Master of Theology, Th.M.
Doctor of Theology, Th.D.
Honorary Doctorates

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online classes
no residency requirements